Concrete Block Floors

Suspended block & beam floors are the most popular, simple and cost-effective form of ground floor construction in the UK. We offer a complete range of concrete blocks, bricks and slip blocks for use in suspended block & beam floors including Part E and Robust Standard Detail acoustic separating floors.

Block & Beam floors possess a number of distinct advantages over other forms of floor construction:

  • Exactly the same blocks may be used for walls and floors therefore simplifying the build process.
  • Long spans are readily achieved without intermediate support resulting in cost-savings and a quicker build.
  • Requirements for thermal, acoustic and fire resistance are easily achieved.
  • A proven and reliable construction technique which eliminates the effects of ground heave or shrinkage.
  • A versatile method which may be used for ground floors and intermediate floors.
  • A safe method; once installed, the floor may be used as a working platform.


  • Flooring blocks are defined as NR (non-resisting) and perform no mechanical function to the overall structural strength of the floor. They simply provide a base fro the application of subsequent screed and insulation layers.
  • For this reason, blocks must not be stood on or subjected to point-loading or impact in their laid-flat state.
  • Walking boards must be used across beams to provide a safe working platform whilst working on the floor.
  • The floor will only achieve full strength and integrity once the blocks are grouted into place and the subsequent layers applied.
  • Specification of blocks suitable for use in floors

    Insulite and Dense concrete blocks suitable for use in floors:

    Solid (Group 1) Insulite or Dense Concrete wall blocks of nominal dimensions 440mm x 100mm x 215mm with a compressive strength of 7.3 N/mm² or above.

    Airtec Aerated Concrete Blocks suitable for use in floors:

    • Airtec Large Format blocks with dimensions 620mm x 100mm x 430mm in either 3.6 N/mm² strength or 7.3 N/mm² strength.
    • Airtec Seven 7.3 N/mm² wall blocks with dimensions 620mm x 100mm x 215mm.

    The following block types are not suitable for use as Block & Beam Floor Infill:

    • Ultralite blocks of any strength.
    • Insulite or Dense Concrete blocks of less than 7.3 N/mm² compressive strength.
    • Airtec wall blocks less than 7.3 N/mm² compressive strength.
    • Hollow or Cellular Dense concrete blocks of any strength.
  • Our Range of Special Floor Products

    We offer several coursing and infill blocks to suit most standard 150mm and 225 deep T-beams.


    The diagrams below show sections for blocks laid 440mm wide and 215mm wide. More information visit Slip Blocks and Infill Blocks

    Slip Blocks / Split Course Blocks

    Slip blocks used to maintain coursing height on adjoining masonry wall for 150mm and 225mm high T-beams.


    Rebated Infill Closure Blocks - Full Depth