The manufacturing process of concrete products may result in variations in colour and texture which are unavoidable. All colour images shown are only representations. Every effort is made to ensure that colour samples match as close as possible to the product.


The amount a product is rumbled may vary from batch to batch and product to product. To minimise colour variation, it is recommended that paviours are used from from at least three separate packs when laying.


Colours samples shown were taken when the paving blocks were in wet conditions.

Lakeland Inglestone


Lakeland Inglestone is available in a 60mm and 80mm thickness, smooth textured Permeable Paver. As a permeable block paver it allows water to pass through the paved area and sub base to outflow pipes or infiltration to ground. It has over-sized nibs and a channel that allows the waterflow to drain away more effectively than conventional block paving.

Permeable paving provides an aesthetic solution to drainage problems in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Planners should be requesting CBPP and other SUDS systems for all types of developments.


Planners should be requesting CBPP and other SUDS systems for all types of developments. Permeable paving, when used in conjunction with a properly constructed SUDS system offers a range of benefits:

  • Lower peak flows to the watercourse, which reduces risk of flooding downstream.
  • Compliance with PPG25 'Development and Fold Risks.'
  • Cost effective, compared to gulley’s, pipework and associated products that are required for conventional drainage systems.
  • Maintenance is minimal.
  • Like standard paving, they can be uplifted and re-instated without any detrimental affect. This means it can be re-laid leaving the area without any ugly scarring. Also giving a saving in using the existing materials and not having to dispose of the old surface and purchase further surfacing materials.
  • Improved water quality, filters the waterflow, removing heavy metal and hydrocarbons at source.
  • Able to handle direct drainage from roof water.
  • Reduces need for further retention in system.
  • Allows rainfall to filter through the paved area, without weakening the structural integrity.
  • Retention of rainfall, allowing it to gradually be absorbed into either the ground or through outflow pipes.
  • Cost effective, when taking into account the absence of pipework, gulley’s and inspection chambers, etc.
  • Compliance with planning guidance (PPG25) 'Development and flood risks'.
  • Improved water amenity achieved as the paving system acts as a filter of pollutants.



Suitable for driveways and lightly trafficked roads


Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications.


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  • Technical Details

    Brick Thickness

    & Pack Size


    Single Pack


    Single Pack

    Size (L x W)

    214mm x 107mm

    214mm x 107mm

    No. of Blocks per Pack



    m2 per Pack



    Weight per pack

    1.24 T

    1.19 T

    Block Colour

    Ash, Brindle, Charcoal


    All paving products are shrink wrapped and voided.

    Laying Details

    Use a minimum of three packs when laying to maximise the variation of the natural colours and to avoid colour banding

  • Block Paving Laying Patterns

    45° Herringbone

    90° Herringbone

    Basket Weave

    Stretcher Bond